Steel Cutting / Burning

We maintain Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Plate Products in our inventory and offer a state-of-the-art plate cutting operations in Cleveland, OH. We offer plasma, flame cut, water jet or saw cut to meet your specifications. We have four CNC burning machines equipped with oxy-fuel cutting capability and three equipped with High Definition Plasma.

In processing parts, we offer high definition plasma, beveling, and drilling for critical tolerance parts.

Our processing equipment has the capability to cut up to three-inch Stainless Steel, and we offer Carbon Steel Plate processing from 3/16” thick then 23” thick.

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  • 1 CNC w/156” x 600” Water Table w/Burny5

  • 1 CNC w/110” x 480” Table w/Burny5

  • 1 CNC w/144” x 600”

  • 2 MG 3500 12’ x 64’ effective cutting area w/16 torches

  • 1 MG IND w/Thermal Arc Plasma Burny5

  • 144” x 840 Water Table

  • 4 – Semi-Auto Circle Burners

  • 4 – Semi Auto Straight Line Burners