Grinders - Refurbished

                                                             BEFORE                                                      AFTER
Here at Loveman we aren’t just a custom heavy steel plate fabrication shop, we also perform complete teardown and inspection of grinders for the plastic industry with partners at Plastics Machinery Group.
Teardown and inspection process includes:
  • Inspect and replace the bearings as needed.
  • Inspect and repair/replace structural components as needed.
  • Inspect and sharpen or replace the rotor knives and bed knives as needed.
  • Perform dye penetrant testing to inspect the rotors for cracks and structural defects.
Do you have a Grinder that needs refurbishing?

Feel free to reach out to us at Loveman Steel and Fabrication for all your grinder refurbishing needs.
Contact any of our team members below for more details.
Sam Cultrona        (440)498-4000 - Ext 410
Mike Cultrona       (440)498-4000 - Ext 408
Dan Patek                (440)498-4000 - Ext 407
Nate Vandersluis (440)498-4000 - Ext 406